patent infrigement

Patent litigation is the process of suing to enforce one's rights in an existing patent. Over the years, A&C has handled many large patent infringement cases, including cases with as much as $500 million in controversy. A&C has successfully represented plaintiffs and defendants, and corporate and individual clients, in patent infringement and other intellectual property litigation. In many of these cases, the outcome is critical to the financial success of the client.

A&C's depth of trial experience enables the firm to immediately focus on the key issues and develop litigation strategies quickly and efficiently. A&C lawyers assemble a trial team tailored to the technological and legal issues, and the client participates in every major step of the litigation process. A&C expects (indeed, insists on) client involvement throughout the litigation process. By following this approach, the firm has established a proven track record of success.

From time to time, A&C undertakes a small number of patent infringement cases on a contingent fee or partial contingent fee. As a result of its relatively small size, A&C has greater flexibility to structure fee arrangements that are tailored to the client’s unique business needs and preferences. By the same token, A&C's relative small size means that it can only take a limited number of such cases.

Patent Prosecution: While the firm routinely handles patent litigation throughout the country, it does not undertake patent prosecution on behalf of clients. Patent prosecution is the process of obtaining a patent on behalf of a client, which the firm views as a different discipline, requiring a different expertise. It is not uncommon for the firm's clients to need the services of a patent prosecution lawyer, and in those cases, the firm will work with the client to find a lawyer who fits the client's specific needs.