commercial litigation

For over twenty years, A&C has represented both individuals and companies in a wide variety of commercial disputes. The lawyers at A&C always make it their goal to swiftly and efficiently resolve all cases; yet, they treat every case as though it will be taken to the completion of trial. A&C prepares its cases in this way so that its clients’ interests are best served. In each case, A&C's lawyers are called upon to apply their seasoned litigation skills to carefully and thoroughly develop the factual record, artfully apply the facts of the case to the jurisprudence, and effectively communicate the client’s position to the decision maker, whether the decision maker is a judge, jury, arbitration panel, or administrative body.

Everything done at A&C is intended to advance the client’s interests. All cases are burdened with risks, along with potential benefits. Ultimately, the client must decide whether to prosecute, settle or try any case. A&C believes that its job is to provide the client with the tools and information necessary to make the most informed decisions possible under the circumstances. In this way, the client can then evaluate the relative risks and benefits of the case, and then make the decision most suited to that individual client’s interests.

Over the years, A&C has handled a wide variety of commercial cases; however, it has focused in the following areas:

  1. Intellectual property litigation--patent infringement, trade secret misappropriation, unfair competition, trademark and copyright;
  2. Commercial contract disputes;
  3. Business torts--breach of fiduciary duties, fraud, breach of good faith and fair dealing, usurpation of corporate opportunities; and
  4. Various shareholder/corporate disputes—shareholder oppression, claims by and against officers and directors, disputes over shareholder/owner agreements.